Welcome to Morales Design & Construcction LLC! We are a family own and operated business located in Marlborough, Ct. with over 20 year of combine experience in the fencing industry. We know good fences make great neighbors and love to help our customers achieve that with the perfect fence. We believe there is a better way to do fencing. A more valuable way where customers are earned thru hard and honest work, rather than cutting corners. We are obsessibly passionate about it. Your satistfaction is our number one priority. We always want to provide you with a service we are proud of. Our goal is that we can help all our customers by providing quality work. If you need a fence for privacy or you want your kids and furry friends to run freely and safe in your yard or maybe you just installed a pool and need to properly set a boundary or any other reason you may need a fence give us a call to see how we can help you. Thanks for taking the time to check our page out. Looking forward to helping you soon!