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I'm Jose E Morales owner of Morales Design & Construcction LLC. In the beggining of 2016 after loosing my grandfather I realized how quick life goes by and felt the passion to create a bussines where I can help others. With the help of my family, Morales Design and Construction LLC was created. We are a family own and operated business located in Marlborough, Ct. with over 20 year of combine experince. Our specialty is fence installation, deck design and construction and patios. We love to help our customers every step of the way, from design to completion your satistfaction is our number one priority. We always want to provide you with a service we are proud of. My goal is that in this new journey of our lifes we can help as many customers as we can by offering quality work at an affordable price. It will be wonderful if we can make a lot of good friends along the way too. Thanks for taking the time to check our page out. Looking forward to meeting you soon!